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  • 2hrs of daily listening
  • Access to free tracks
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  • Unlimited Listening
  • Access to all tracks
  • Access to the productivity timer tools
  • Be the first to listen to newly added tracks
  • Remove Ads
  • Access to Discord
  • 7 Day money-back guarantee
  • Like & comment on tracksComing Soon!
  • Support a solo developer!

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Premium Features

  • Access to all tracks

    Choose from any track you like, any time.

  • Remove Ads

    Remove all distractions & achieve flow.

  • Access to the productivity tools

    Tools to manipulate the audio with productivity strategies, such as the Pomodoro technique.

  • 7 Day money-back guarantee

    No questions asked.

  • Support a solo developer

    Financially support a one-man-band!

  • Access to Discord

    Discuss productivity, suggest tracks / features and more!

  • Be the first to listen

    New tracks are never in the free rotation in their first week. Try them out instantly with premium.

  • Customise & combine tracks

    Mix and match tracks together, and tweak sounds of the track to your liking.

  • Like & comment on tracks

    Save tracks you like, and give feedback on them with comments.
    Coming Soon!

"I use it almost everyday during work, gets me into a space of focus very quickly."

Tareque Hossain testimonial picture

Tareque Hossain

Software Engineer

"I listen to your music at work pretty much all the time! I love the idea of procedural music and I truly feel you are a pioneer in this area."

Chris Jacobs testimonial picture

Chris Jacobs

UI/UX Designer


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